About Us

Welcome to UK Versity

New technology has already changed the way we study and gain an education. Now technology is changing the way education is delivered. Traditionally, we used to study in classroom style set-up and now you can study online where professional tutors provide ongoing support for the duration of your course.

UK Versity brings together the best of UG/PG, Diplomas and degree qualifications to students and professionals all over the world who are on the quest to learn and gain a cutting-edge education. Today acquiring knowledge is a continuous process and you have to keep learning and innovating with time. UK Versity Online make the best of British Education available for everyone.

The mission of UK Versity Online is to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality courses and learning opportunities via its Ofqual Recognised Diplomas’ and Degree programs that meet the diverse needs of students and professionals. In addition to this mission, the staff and tutors guide and direct the learners efforts to successfully complete the course.

Company Introduction

Why Choose UK Versity

  • Online Education which is affordable and convenient
  • Experience a new way of learning at your own pace
  • Easy to follow lessons with flexibility of access (24 x7)
  • Varying modes of assessment and support via online tutors
  • Fastrack completion possible for awards, certificates, and diplomas

Maximum Flexibility

Learning online is different than learning in a classroom. That’s why at UK Versity Online, we’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting the way we teach and deliver our courses online to students. If you can get online, you can get to class. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. From anywhere in the world. Simply log in and learn.

Effective Learning

Courses are designed to suite working professional and overseas students. They are delivered via easy to follow online lessons complimented by tutor support and feedback to enhance learning.

Personal Support

Learning online doesn’t mean you’re learning alone. All of our students have access to our online tutor support and resources.

Online Learning Options

The courses are delivered online using powerpoint presentations and assessment is via assignments which include a combination of short quizzes, and multiple choice questions.


  • To build vigorous, diverse learning environment shaped by contemporary awareness and shared ideas using which the students gain knowledge and build skills useful for their personal and career development.
  • To cultivate student-centered learning supported by technological resources. This is delivered by qualified staff who have years of professional experience.
  • To promote the development of business management values relevant to leadership in the 21st century: Leadership, Service, Innovation, and Design.
  • To cater to diverse needs of students and professional which are aiming to become effective and responsible leaders and to provide lifelong learning.
  • To offer online diplomas and degree programs with breadth and depth of professional relevance for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To provide affordable and effective alternate route of education, which allows for development even while you’re working and there is no need to take time off for studies.
  • To provide responsive student services and continuous assessment of learning in a rapidly changing environment of higher education.
  • To provide depth of courses and specialisation in disciplines like management and strategic leadership, healthcare, travel and tourism and Information technology via the UK Versity Online



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