Academic Calendar 2019

Term Dates:

Winter Term                  from Monday 7 January to Friday 5 April                     

Spring Term                   from Tuesday 23 April to Friday 5 July                

Summer Term               from Monday 8 July to Friday 27 September

Autumn Term                 from Monday 1October to Friday 21 December         

Half Term Holiday

February                     Saturday 16 February 2019 to Sunday 24 February 2019

May                               Saturday 25 May 2019 to Sunday 2 June 2019

October                         Saturday 26 October 2019 to Sunday 3 November 2019

Other Holidays

Easter holiday              from Friday 5 April 2019 to Tuesday 23 April 2019

Christmas holiday       Friday 20 December 2019 to Monday 6 January 2020

Public Holidays 2019 (England and Wales)

1 January                        Tuesday                                      New Year’s Day

19 April                           Friday                                           Good Friday

22 April                            Monday                                        Easter Monday

6 May                               Monday                                        Early May Bank Holiday

27 May                             Monday                                        Spring bank holiday

26 August                        Monday                                        Summer bank holiday

25 December                  Tuesday                                       Christmas Day

26 December                  Thursday                                    Boxing Day

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