All instructors

Michael Bang

Human Resources and Business Management

Michael has been interested in people and it became more serious when he has gone through General Manager’s posts in three different countries from UK, Korea, and the Philippines. He has got an extensive level of experiences in researching global university courses, counselling students to teach Korean students in addition to commercial corporate life. He […]

Sanjay Sinha

Management and Finance

Sanjay is a Mechanical Engineer and a Management Graduate in the field of Strategy, Business Management, Finance and Information Technology. He holds a certificate in Trade Finance and is also a Charterholder, Program in General Insurance from American Institute of CPCU and Insurance Institute of America.

Dr. Aijaz Ahmed

ICT and Computing

Dr. Aijaz has over 10 years of experience in teaching IT related courses. His academic background is in Computer Science and has specialised in Web Services, dot.Net technology, ASP, databases and Object Oriented Design and Analysis.

Anjum Sattar

Travel and Hospitality Management

Anjum has over 15 years experience of which the last 10 years has been in teaching and research in the further and higher education sector. He is actively teaching at a few FE Colleges and specialises in teaching Accounting, Business & Management, Travel & Tourism courses.

Philip Hodkinson

Teaching & IQA

Philip has over 40 years of wide ranging experience from Business Development, Consultancy, Management and Teaching. Currently he has taught Management and Marketing courses for over 20 years.

Ramanjeet Singh, PGCHE

Business & Management

Raman also has broad industry experience, with particular focus in business development, student recruitment, course development & delivery, digital marketing, and e-learning solutions.

Amrita Kaur

Business Studies

Amrita has a number of years of experience as an administrator. Amrita has offered a range of services and counselling advice to students in India keen on studying abroad.

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