See and speak to your tutor live through our webinars


Use the intuitive webinar session to turn the screen into a whiteboard to work together by writing, typing or drawing diagrams.

Share documents, examples and past papers with your tutor.

Share your screen with your tutor and show them your work in real-time. Tutoring with an online tutor is more effective, more convenient and 2 – 3 times more accessible than usual.

One to One Tuition is delivered via Webinars

  • Our approach is to provide learners with a personalised tuition service based on their specific needs.

Subjects Taught

  • We cover all primary and secondary education subjects. We can help learners who need additional support in their studies or who require greater challenges in order to push ahead. We can also provide tuition for those who merely want to improve their skills.

Teachers are DBS checked

  • In the last 5 years, UK Versity has successfully delivered over 30+ courses to 1000+ learners in over 18 countries. Technology has enabled UK Versity to reach out to learners and has helped them achieve a world-class education. Using technology UK Versity has successfully conducted a pilot for delivery private tuitions to learners in Manchester and now expanding this offering to learners globally.
  • We are initially going to offer tuitions in Accounting, Business, Computing, Digital Marketing, English, Maths, Healthcare, Travel, and Tourism amongst others areas. Learners will be able to book a 1-on-1 session with the tutor who has been carefully selected and are subject experts in their field.

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