Visa Application Questions

Q: What will be the main course of study for 11-month visa or maximum of 44 weeks?
A: For the extended Short Term Study visa for 11 months, the participant must have been accepted on a course to learn English as a foreign language.
It is important to note, that UK Versity is not issuing the visa – as an accredited BAC provider, we are able to provide course acceptance / VISA letters to participants to enable them to make an application for a Short Term Study visa.

Q: Can the student come on any course for 6 months? Does it have to be English courses only?
A: For the Short Term Study visa for 6 months, the participant can study on any type of short course in the UK as long as it is with an accredited provider.

Q: For 11 months – can this be a combined course – English + Any other course
No, their purpose for travel and main study must be on a course to learn English as a foreign language, but they can study another course in addition. A mixed course, some of which is spent studying English, does not count. The 11 months English Course offered by UK Versity will be NCFE Level 2 Functional Skills in English. In addition, the participant can study another course for which the combined fees will apply. Kindly ask the admission team for more details.

Q. Do the participants applying for 6 or 11 months visa course, need IELTS to apply to come and study under the short visitor visa
A: No

Q: Does the 6 months / 11 month require a student to attend interviews in the consulate / UKV&I in the country of application?
A: Yes there is an appointment to attend in the country of application

Q: Will UK Versity record the interviews during the admission and initial application process?
A: Yes, the interview will be 15-20 minutes long and UK Versity will record these interviews.

Enrolment process

The admission process is a 4 step process which is detailed out below
1. You complete the Book a Course Form.
2. We conduct an interview via or Skype
3. On passing the interview, we issue a conditional offer letter and invoice to pay the course fees

4. Admission Officer will issue a VISA Letter with details of the course, start dates and visa application information

The visa letter will be issued only after the fees is received. The fees will be remitted to the UK Versity Client Account which rings fences the fees until the visa is granted. In the case of refusal of the VISA, UK Versity will deduct GBP 150 towards the administration fees. Kindly refer to the full Terms and Conditions which are available on our website.

Academic Studies

Q. How many days the classes be held?
A. The students on Short term visitor visa will need to attend classes 2 days a week.

  • The class timings will be 10:30 am – 3 pm
  • The classes will be held at UK Versity premises in Universal Square.
  • The students will need to have 80% attendance at the College. Failing which their course be terminated and reported to UKV&I
  • UK Versity operates a Biometric attendance system and the students will be issued an RFID card and will need to clock in and clock out using the RFID or the biometric fingerprint for attendances
  • We expect student coming to study at UK Versity to live in Manchester and/or within 10 miles radius so that commuting and attending classes will be feasible.

Visa Refusal

Q. What are the fees deducted in case of visa refusal?
A. UK Versity will deduct £150 if the visa is refused.

  • The visa refusal reasons should not be deception, false documentation provided.
  • UK Versity will need to receive an original / copy of the VIS refusal in order to process the refund.
  • The refund will be processed within 7 days of the VISA refusal letter and request being received.
  • The money will be remitted back to the account from which it has been paid.

General Questions

Q. What is the fees for the 6 months courses?
A. The fees for the Level 3/4/5 6 months course is £3250

Q. What is the fees for the 11 month Extended Student Visitor Visa Courses?
A. The fees for level 4 and Level 5 courses delivered in 11 months will be £4250. The fees for Level 6/7 courses delivered will be £4500. The Level 7 leading to MBA Top-up course will be £5350

Q. Level 7 Strategic Management Course leading to MBA Top-up
A. The Level 7 course will be taught and delivered by UK Versity. The MBA Top-up will be offered via Chichester University- OTHM programme and programme and is jointly delivered by OTHM & Chichester University.

  • The degree is awarded by Chichester University
  • The MBA top-up intakes are in January, May and September and the delivery of the programme involves studying a Consultancy Research Project. This is supervised online.
  • The total fees for the programme will be £5350
  • The programme will be taught, delivered within 11 months and you will need to apply for Extended Student Study Visa which will also have the English language component in the course to meet the requirements of IELTS 6.5 or above for eligibility.
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